I am a newborn, child and family portrait photographer based in Seattle, Washington. 

With a fine art, film-based photography background, over the years I have transitioned to digital and have fallen in love with this medium. Shooting in digital allows me the flexibility of working from home with my kids while also giving me that same creative rush I feel in the darkroom when I see an image come to life.

My style is relaxed and editorial in nature, and my photo sessions are all about you. As a portrait photographer, my goal is to photograph you and your children as you are in a real and honest way. I’m not about matching outfits and perfect, posed photographs; I am much more interested in documenting the lovely, often messy and hilarious “everydayness” of your family life. Is your two-year-old insisting on styling herself in inside-out tights with flip-flops for the photo session? Awesome! Are your boys not feeling like abandoning their crazy legos creation for the “golden hour” of light outside? No worries. Let’s capture them doing their thing, being who they are, because this, right now, is the golden hour.

As a mother myself, I know how those spectacular, quirky little things we want so much to remember-- how he carries his stuffed animals inside his shirt all day, the shape of her little puckered mouth when she says, "choo-choo," that sneaky look in her eye before she's about to do something ill-advised-- all of these nuggets fade with time. It's my goal to preserve these little moments and transform them into pieces of art that you can keep forever.

Thank you for trusting me as your photographer, and for allowing me a little glimpse into your life. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your little ones!